Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Superior Service - Japan's Taxi

Now, this is what I call service.

I'll keep a look-out for it. Getting on a cab in Japan is however, definitely not an option for poor 'ol me. Ahaks!

After yesterday's experience riding a taxi in Japan, I'll look forward to ride one, if it's not so expensive.

Day 4, Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

Rain throughout the day, from Fukuoka all the way to Hiroshima.

The sunshine of the day was Hanny, whom we met in Mojiko. She was really kind to spend hours and hours of her time taking us around Moji-Ko. Hontou ni arigato gozaimasu, Hanny. Even Raimie behaved especially well with Hanny around (actually he forgot about us, and went around hand in hand with Aunty Hanny). Hanny, because of you, Raimie is an angel in the shinkansen and also in Hiroshima, as he kept saying he promised you that he'll be a good boy.

Our plan to visit Miyajima today went bust as it was raining until now, but thanks to the rain, we were able to spend more time in Mojiko. The train station was special to me as are the Mojiko Retro. We even bought a music box at the Orgel Museum Mojiko.

So today, we actually behaved like tourists. Going to local attractions and buying souvenirs. A change for us as we usually were pre-occupied and obsessed with trains, Yodobashi Camera and other transports around Japan. A nice change, and Raimie enjoyed the day a lot!

Umi, Hanny has something for you. I'll bring it to Kak Aini's house, OK?


  1. I was so amazed that the door opens (and closes) by itself the last time I was there. In fact, the driver will get pissed off if you try to do handle the door yourself... :p

  2. lina....miss lah raimie...macam teringat2 suara dia sibuk bercerita...hugs from auntie hanny!!!

  3. c k,
    lucky we got training by way of reading blogs & watching TV. otherwise, we might do the same too!

    Dia dah sebat choco tu semlm. Tak sabar2.


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