Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Ueno for a day

Day 10; Tuesday, Mar 25 2008

Spent the day at Ueno. Hordes of people there, and there are lots of girls in Hakama and young lads in suits whom I guessed just got back from their graduation day at the nearby University. Incidentally, we saw a lot of fellow Malays around Ueno station and at Akihabara. Zaini opined it must be the moms and dads coming for their children's graduation day too...

Decided against visiting Ueno Zoo even though Raimie wanted too, because we saw lines and lines of school kids (from Elementary to Junior High) going into the Zoo too. As compensation (if you can call it that) we took Raimie and let him play with toys at Yamashiroya and also got on a paddle boat at the Shinobazu Pond. There was a carnival atmosphere leading towards the Benten-do Hall, what with the stalls set up from oden to Okonimiyaki to Banana Choco. We even went to the flea market located nearby the Shitamachi Museum.

From Ueno Park, we walked to Akihabara, with the intention of going back to Yodobashi Camera. Raimie bought another three kaijus (monster) to add to his Ultraman collection.

Lunch was a simple affair of bagels. I was by now gagging to eat anything other than rice. I couldn't believe it (since rice is my staple food) but if I had to look at another onigiri or even eki-ben, I'd throw up. But then, had dinner at Tenya (yeah, rice... but at least thye're hot) in Asakusa.

A very tiring day, as we were on our feet for like, 12 hours. Raimie had naps in between so he was not that cranky.

We were scheduled to take the Noto midnight train again to Kanazawa at 11.33pm. The Hokuriku train that runs at 11.00pm came first. I was not the only one scrambling to take photos of this train. Had to wait for my turn to take photo of the front and rear of this train. The Hokuriku had couchettes and private rooms so it is a more comfortable train ride compared to Noto.

I made a last minute dash to the ticket office to make reservation for the Ladies Car on Noto, seeing that there were only a handful of ladies queuing for that car. A way more comfortable ride than the general reserved car. The seat heater was much warmer here and blankets were provided too. Both me and Raimie had a much better sleep here while Zaini freezed in the reserved car no. 2. Poor guy...

Arrived Kanazawa at 6.29am on the dot. Weather was gloomy and cold. Every time we changed cities in Japan, the first day was always gloomy. Just our luck!


  1. About Malays at Ueno Park... I was there last week, and was a little surprised to see one of those warning notices ("The following acts are strictly forbidden...", i.e. selling stuff, street performances etc.) in Japanese and either Malaysian or Indonesian (apologies if those are the wrong names for those languages).

  2. I'm very envious. It seems that you are visiting Ueno right when the cherry blossoms are blooming. That's the best time to be there!

    The weather's been strange, but at least you can get umbrellas where ever you go.

  3. penguin,
    really? Missed that. Most probably it's in Indonesian. :-)

    The cherry blossoms are indeed in bloom, but crowds are not my favorite place to be...


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