Monday, 31 March 2008

We're back!

Seemed ages since we left Malaysia for our holiday. Zaini said we behaved like we've been out of the country for a year. Hehehe...

Trip to Kansai Airport was pretty uneventful. We chose to take the Rapi:t train on the Nankai Line (our JR Pass expired on Mar 29) that only took 1/2 hour.

Security at Kansai Airport was not as tight as Narita, to my opinion. Our bags were only scanned once unlike in Narita where even checking in at the airline's counter require bags to be scanned first.

Almost missed our connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur at Changi Airport. We let Raimie let off steam at the Children Play Area, and only decided to head back to our gate at 7.44pm (and our flight was leaving at 7.50pm which we thought leaves at 8.00pm) There were announcement calling for us and we actually had to run to our gate. OMG! Imagine our gate was Gate 44 and we were in the Gate 31 area. It was a mad dash for about 200meters! For people in the flight 721, sorry for causing the hold up! The plane started to move and we were barely seated.

Arived KLIA without any delay. I think people thought we were coming back to Malaysia after living abroad because all the stuff we brought back were in boxes (3 boxes!) Muahaha!!!

And guess what we head for after putting our stuff in our home. Went to eat "Mamak" food. What would we do without a regular dose of Mamak food. Hehehe...

And here's today's news fro your viewing pleasure:

Anyone went to the Tokyo Anime Fair this year?


  1. Msia is a food paradise. I miss mamak food too. Even nasi lemak taste soooo good too.

  2. It's always embarassing to be the last one on the plane, isn't it? Happened to me on the way here (though it wasn't my fault) - first time I've been greeted by name as an economy passenger ("Aha, you must be Mr. Penguin, we've been waiting for you").

  3. Uhh, welcome back! Hope the funny funny feelings have gone (unless you don't want it to) and that you guys are acting normal now. :P

    Wow, they actually called you by name? OMG, the other passengers must have given you weird stares when you got in. I would have fainted there and then (due to the stares or just as an excuse not to look at them).


    p.s. MAMAK!!

  4. @jesie,
    yeah, our food selection is heavenly, but calorie ridden. hehehe...

    the only time we'll get greeted by name in economy class seems limited to only when we're deathly late.Hahaha

    @Shaun & Penguin,
    to make matter worse, we were seated right at the back of the plane. I was like bowing and muttering "Gomen Nasai" every 5 steps as everyone stared at us.

    A memorable end to an excellent holiday. (Not that I want it to be repeated again. :D )


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