Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Exchange Order for JR Pass

Zaini went to JAL Office in Menara Citibank to buy our 14 days JR Pass. OK, we don't exactly get the pass yet.

This is the Exchange Order, valid for three months after the issuing date, and we need to exchange it for JR Pass at the exchange offices.

Here's to unlimited travel on shinkansens (except Nozomi) and all JR trains. Sweet.

By the way, in order to get JR Pass (or in this case the Exchange Order first), JAL office require two things :
1. purchase JAL air ticket to Japan;
2. Passport with the entry visa in it. Requirements might differ at JTB or ANA office.


  1. I Love those JR passes! They are great for using Shinkansens.

    However they are only worth buying if you plan on taking a shinkansen trip or two. If you are only doing commuting around Tokyo, you are better off buying the tickets as you need them.

    Actually, as you come to Japan so often do you have a Suica or Passmo for regular commuter trips??

  2. ooh this is good to know, when i go to japan. :D

  3. I'm assuming it's cheaper to buy the JR Pass from home than when you're in Japan?

  4. Contamination,
    nope. we just buy the 1,000 or 5,000 prepaid cards.

    knowledge is power. :D

    JR Pass can only be bought outside Japan. However, the regional passes (JR West, Central or whatever) can be bought in Japan.

  5. wah...tiap tiap season gi Japan ke? pergh....sugoi

  6. HE,
    takdelah tiap season. matilah... hahaha... mana nak korek duit


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