Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bentos - Eating in Hiroshima

Check out our posts for Kyushu and Hiroshima too.
More food photos here.

Our dinner on our first night in Hiroshima. Can't even finish them all, too full!

Eating lunch on a bench in Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park. Raimie had sake onigiri. Yummy

Close up on my lunch. Anago and crab, with ginger pickle on rice. Sweet and soft. Mmmmm...

Zaini's eki-ben dinner

My eki-ben in its nice packing

After I opened the packing. The bento box shaped like a rice paddle

I had oysters for dinner. There were boiled oysters, deep fried oysters, pickled oysters (I think) and oysters in the rice. Total of 10 oysters for me to eat, but Zaini nicked some of them. But I like raw oysters better.


  1. finally got your postcard!

  2. Lina,
    I always thought Japanese food servings come in mall sizes. How wrong I have been. All the food look very appetizing but I prefer my oyter cooked.

  3. Jamaipanese,
    glad it arrived!

    Kaiseki Ryori comes in small portions, but then you'd have like eleven courses to finish!
    these are just simple bento, not gigantic but ample enough for our Asian stomach :D
    Was there any oysters served on your cruise?


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