Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Cherry Blossoms

Photo from Kak Hani's blog

We managed to see the blossoms in Ueno Park the day before we headed off to Kanazawa. We felt lucky we were able to view them at Ueno Park, as the cherry blossoms were not in bloom yet at Kenrokuen Park in Kanazawa.

And this one's in DC, do watch it:


  1. The cherry blossoms are so pretty. You're so lucky.

    It seems that U.S. got some cherry blossoms from Japan and they are blooming now. I hope they can still wait for me to see them when I come back from Mexico.

    My friend said if we have a heavy rain, all of the flowers would be gone and I will have no chance to see them.

  2. I heard that they're around for only a short period of time... sometimes as short as a week. So it's really difficult to catch that the full bloom.

    Have not viewed cherry blossoms before... heard that it's really worth the trip. Hmm....

  3. @Jesie,
    I heard about the cherry blossoms in the US. Hope you can still see them!

    @C K,
    maybe that's what make them special. And it is really worth it to see them in full bloom.

  4. Were you able to get some photo's of your own? Or was your camera full by that point?

    I went to see some yesterday, really really nice after 4 months of cold weather and dormant trees.

  5. @kml,
    aren't they? :-)

    yes, we have our own. I'll be posting them in the order of places we went, so it might take awhile.

  6. Those are plum blossoms...Cherry blossoms have multiple layers of petals, but they are just as lovely. Plume blossoms come in pink and white =)

  7. mirage2g,
    we didn't know that Ueno Park trees are lined up with Plum blossoms instead of cherry blossoms?


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