Saturday, 19 April 2008

Dinner - While in Tokyo

After eating cold bento for several days (as we were mostly in/on trains during dinner time) it was quite a relief to have a hot meal and sit down in a place that doesn't move. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my encounters with all the eki-bens, but you tend to get bored/"jelak" after a while, kan?

This place is near to our hotel, and we ate dinner here every night when we were in Tokyo last month. It deserves a special entry because I always make a nuisance of myself asking way too many questions here (but only when the wait staff was not hurrying away to fulfill orders, mind you. I know how to behave myself). I always waited until the coast is clear to ask questions.

We love the ticket vending machine (what do you call it?) to order food. We love the staff who will automatically pass a children set bowl (with cute shinkansen pictures) for Raimie and cold tea for him too.

A good meal here for just 590yen, with free rice and tea refills (an anomaly in most restaurants in Malaysia, free rice refill and free tea). We always leave the place completelystuffed, so full that we didn't even venture out to get snacks or drinks.

Food display

Grilled Saba set

Saba Nikomi Set

Our favourite thing here, this pickles. Raimie loves them too, and both of us can finish the whole bowl of it before our order arrives. (it was full before, but I ate half of it by the time I decide to take this photo. ^-^) There are others that both Zaini and Raimie like, but this pickles is my personal favourite.

You guys should probably know by now that our choice of food while in Japan tend to lean towards the cheap. There are no fine dining experience for us in Japan, no eating Kaiseki Ryori or whatnot. We'll be reserving that when we finally can embark on a nice high-end ryokan experience. Someday, I'm very optimistic about this.


  1. yg pics saba dgn miso tu..namanya saba miso nikomi....kaiseki ryori nak pi ke...ada je yg murah...takpe next time..ambik rent-a-car...boleh pi ke area hakone ke...nikko ke...ada je


  2. nash,
    ok, noted. Nikomi tu apa maknanya?
    Hakone tak pernah pi lagi, even plan asal nak gi berendam kat sana. Takpa, takpa, simpan utk trip akan datang. Tunggu!!!! Hehehe

  3. Pickles, erk! I always offer them to other people.

    So many preserved side dishes. No wonder country people have higher blood pressure in Japan, too many pickled vegetables.

  4. nikomi tu kira mcm stewed or simmered...n anak2 kami suka sgt..siap mamanya dah tahu buat sendiri...kalau nak pi bagitau la kot2 boleh pi ramai2...mcm bulan lepas kami ke nasu...private onsen hehehe


  5. contamination,
    that's why Zaini loves Japan so much, salt, pickles and anything salty generally. Sometime I wonder how this man can keep out from being in the hospital when I took care of what I eat, exercise regularly, but have my name on almost every floor of the specialist wing at the hospital. :D

    heh heh boley la tumpang makan... Zaini pantang outing reramai. Segan. Muahaha!!!


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