Saturday, 26 April 2008

Eating in Kanazawa

Would you believe it that we were so tired after arriving Kanazawa at 6.00am, that we only ate lunch and totally skipped dinner while in Kanazawa? We checked-in at Toyoko-Inn at 4.00pm, and we slept through the evening & night. Well,Raimie and Zaini did (and slept like a log they did, with chainsaw sound effect to boot! Hahaha!!!!). I woke up at 10.00pm feeling quite refreshed. (Tapi semua pun terlajak...hmmm)

I had wanted to check out the Kare-Raisu (Rice with curry) served for guests (FOC) during dinner time at this hotel, but woke up too late. No plans to eat the curry rice, just for photo taking, because I really am a tad leery about Japan's version of curry. Its colour is way too funky!

Lucky we had a pretty big lunch, with dessert to boot.

The place we had lunch was a small place with only a few tables, a section where you can sit cross-legged and three/four tables with chairs (. They have English menu and so do many of the shops located at the Kanazawa JR station, but it was rather fun to look at its Japanese ones as it had caricatures of the owner (I suppose) with his "shiny head". Yes, he is bald. And the Japanese menu had ala-carte items; the English ones did not.

Eating macha ice cream with fresh cream at a rather classy restaurant at Forus. 1 ice cream cost more than our lunch earlier, but well worth it. Yummy! And the waiter, so polite and handsome.... Hehehe

One thing that I was not too happy (pissed off really bad actually) was finding, while at Forus, one of the shops there sold a Kaabah wall hanging, sold together with Native Americans crafts and whatnot. How could someone mistake a Kaabah as a mere decorative item to be sold alongside beads and necklaces?


  1. given the casual attitude of most japanese towards religions, it is not really surprising that they can't differentiate kaabah from mayan or aztec stuf. even the cross is more often regarded as fashionable stuff rather than a symbol of christianity.

  2. A Z Haida,
    yeah well... maybe to them it is just gimmicks for sale, but nonetheless...

  3. [1 ice cream cost more than our lunch earlier, but well worth it. Yummy! And the waiter, so polite and handsome.... Hehehe]

    1 ice cream cost how much Ringgit? O_O

    Wah, nak buaya the waiter ke? :p

  4. Deimos,
    that ice cream cost abt RM30 each.
    waiter also I take if can. hehehe


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