Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Our 2008 Japan Trip - First Time Fun in the Snow at Gala Yuzawa

First time for the three of us seeing, touching and playing with snow. Very the jakun (hillbilly), I know. Sure, we saw and touched fake snow before (after all, Mines Wonderland is just a walking distance from our home and Genting Highlands is en route to our hometowns).

We went to Gala Yuzawa on the Shinkansen Tanigawa and came back on the double-decker Shinkansen Max Tanigawa. As total newbie, we didn't bring any change of clothes for any of us, so when Raimie got some snow in his boots and was feeling cold and grumpy, we had no choice to leave the place early.

It was a fun day, all in all. The day was sunny and we didn't even need to wear the jacket we rented. Spend the day just snow boarding. Maybe next time, like C K from A Singaporean in London, we can take up skiing lesson.

But will we go to Japan again in 2009? Hard to say. I am thinking of a trip to the beach might be in order next year. Maybe Phuket?

Apart from going back to Zaini's hometown in Marang (his Mak Tua/ grandma's house is just next to the beach), our last beach holiday in a proper hotel was on our honeymoon, Sad'lah.. But I do so want to go back to Japan too! Decisions, decisions. We can't afford to take long holidays twice a year!


  1. How about a beach holiday in Japan?

  2. penguin,
    that's a thougt, but I really never considered Japan as my beach holiday destination. Any recommendations? :-)

  3. autumn also nice here...boleh sewa cottage...n jln tgk daun warna merah kuning etc...oct to nov is perfect timing...hehehe but lepas raya la pulak


  4. cuti sekolah lum start lagi tang tu... takkan nak suruh Raimie ponteng hujung-hujung tahun. Hihihi... End Nov, I suppose ok lagi kan? Chewah, planning dah tu.

  5. It seems like you had more fun in the snow that I did this year.

    Then again, I didn't take any vacation time. :-(

  6. Lina,
    Before I saw snow, I always wanted to see it. I saw it the first time in New Zealand. But that was not enough. Now I am tired of it in the U.S. because there is too much work shoveling my driveway in winter.

    I always thought we have nice beaches in Malaysia but after having to Cancun, Mexico, no other beaches I have been can compete.

    I thought Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Dingo? (off Dungun), Pulau Kapas are not too bad in east coast. Sabah has nice beaches too. Penang island is not too bad. I have never been to Pulau Tioman. What about Kuantan? I think there i a Club Med located near the beach in Pahang.

    I will try to post some Cancun beach pictures when I find the time.

  7. contamination,
    oh wait! was it you who went with the in-laws? yeah, well... you did have fun on the expressway right?

    Kuantan is like my kampung as I spent two years there as a student, with Beserah Beach just a walking distance. So, not that excited to back there. Ditto with Pulau Kapas (very near to Grandma's house). Sabah - to complicated for us. Maybe I'm just choosy... but I envisioned my beach holiday at a white sandy beach, with pristine water and no tourists! Fat luck finding one!


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