Monday, 21 April 2008


Before I proceed on our trip reports to Kanazawa & Osaka, a post dedicated to friends we were fortunate enough to meet and get acquainted with in Japan, all because of the Internet! :D

Raimie and friends, crowding around a Nintendo game. Boys. :D

Me and friends, everyone in a jovial mood.

And the dearies, they even got us some memorable gifts to bring back, aside from treating us with nice lunches and snacks. Guys, I love you! No photos with Contamination, though. I'll just say he's one handsome dude. (But of course my husband rate the handsomest, for obvious reason. hehehe)

Gifts photos. Cool stuff. And thanks again to you all!

Chocolate crunch from Mojiko

Excellent goodie bag and chokin vase. Cool umbrellas, suitable for the rainy season we experience since we came back from the holiday. ^-^

Green tea and delicious chocolate crunch from Sea Paradise in Yokohama. I love the dark chocolate ones, but both are equally delicious! Still have some teabags left, but the chocolate crunch was totally eaten up in one sitting.

An excellent parcel received all the way from Okinawa. I have yet to meet Kak Lela in person. InsyaAllah, one day, kan Kak Lela?

And it sure is super nice to get mentioned by Nash, Mama IQ, Contamination and Jamaipanese, (all the way from Jamaica) in their blogs!


  1. salam lina.... nanti2 mai la lagi ke sini! syok bersembang walaupun first time jumpa.. :D

  2. Nad,
    memang seronok. Hari tu, riuh rendah kat rumah Kak Aini. :-)

  3. uhuhu lina memang setiap tahun pi jepun.. jeles ni.. ehehe

  4. Yani,
    apa nak jeles. sebab kitaorg tak duduk sana. Ada orang tu 5 tawun oo duduk sana. Lagi motaorg jeles. Huhuhu

  5. hah merepek pulak type. Kitaorg bukan motaorg

  6. Lina, your friends in the picture, they are all Malaysian living in Japan?

  7. @wakanai,
    Yes, they are. Well, some of them are already back to Malaysia for good now. :)


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