Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Kanazawa - Visiting Kenrokuen

Plum blossoms

We were in Kanazawa on Day 10 of our 14 days holiday. The highlight of our trip to Kanzawa was visiting Kenrokuen, even though it rained before noon.

Some photos. Enjoy! (and don't forget to read our previous report on visits to Kyushu, Hiroshima and Tokyo too).
Our photos didn't do justice of the beauty and tranquility of Kenrokuen, I know.


  1. The plum blossom are bright and beautiful. I like pink and layered. Do they produce the plums that we can eat or a different kind of plum? I have never seen plum flowers before.

    I have peach blossoms in my backyard which are also pink but single layer. Now they are almost gone.

  2. need to use dslr...huhuhu


  3. Jesie,
    how nice to have peach tree at your backyard!
    No idea whether they produce edible plums or whatnot.

    Hait Hait Sempai. Okane, onegai shimasu. :D

  4. None the less, those are some pretty cool photo's.

  5. Contamination,
    thanks for the compliment. :-)


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