Monday, 7 April 2008

Our 2008 Japan Trip - Photo Log : Kyushu Part 2

Day of fun in Ultramanland!

With Taro & Ultra Father

With Ultraman Zearth, out of his chef uniform

Shaking hands with Ultra Seven

Check our Part 1 too!

Stayed in Hakata instead of changing hotels every night. The day was spent at Ultramanland, but as it was not a weekend, the place was not teeming with children and their parents. Ultra Heroes appearances were at a minimum too, instead of an appearance at almost every hour during weekends. Raimie was not complaining as he got to meet Zearth, Taro and Ultra Father.

The stage shows was a bit boring, with a lot of talking and not that much live action (i.e. Ultra Heroes bashing up monsters and aliens). Same for the puppet show too. Oh well... we did have fun running around, doing some shopping at the gift shop and just mucking around the place.

There was a special treat for birthday boys and girls who reserved a cake at Ultra de Restaurant. The special appearance of Ultra Father, who posed with the birthday boy/girls with a giant mock cake in the background. Other kids (Raimie included) can just watch with envy.

Pretending to be Mirai Hibino and flying a jet fighter

Busy choosing which SD figures to buy. Raimie bought 30 SD figures at Ultramanland, among others.

However, our initial plan to take the Kintetsu bus to Ultramanland was thwarted by the large numbers of teenagers waiting for the same bus to head for Mitsui Greenland. Even the taxi driver remarked at the numbers of teenagers at the bus station. The taxi ride was costly at almost RM60.00, but we didn't exactly have much choice, do we?


  1. looks like he was having a bunch of fun!

    I wonder if the lights on the mask hurt the eyes of the actor....

  2. contamination,
    he sure did, but maybe not as much as when he was younger...

    I sure hope they paid the actors good money!


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