Sunday, 20 April 2008

Smoke Free Japan?

Something to cheer about for non-smokers and non-second hand smokers in Japan.


  1. There's definitely a groundswell of movement towards creating a smoke-free environment in Japan. I even saw an advertisment on the train a couple of weeks ago by a pachinko place singing the praises of its smoke-free floor!

  2. Penguin,
    while it's all fine and dandy for a smoke free pachinko place, I really would appreciate if McDonald's or KFC would finally create a smoke free environment first.

  3. Well, I don't know about KFC, but McDonalds is very good at putting the smokers in their own segregated area (either an individual floor or a separate section complete with glass wall). Most other fast-food places have a similar arrangement. Though in smaller places with only one floor the separate area isn't really satisfactory. I was amused to see the McD around the corner here is completely smoke-free inside with a sign directing the smokers to the terrace.

  4. Penguin,
    if it's on a different floor, yes. But some branches arrangement left much to be desired, as they just put up a divider for a smokers zone.
    but at least, the smoking arrangement in Japan is very much adhered to, unlike here where businesses sometimes won't tick of smoking patrons fearing loss of business.


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