Thursday, 24 April 2008

Wish You Were There?

Truthfully, I had wanted to go to this festival since the day I got to know about it. I don't know, seem an interesting festival and a sure way to initiate conversation for peeps back home. Don't you think so?


  1. This is the first I came across such kind of and well, just like what the tourist said, " ..."such a public display is not done in my country." Nice site. Happy blogging.

  2. fertility festival, eh? very funny... a sure way to initiate conversation not just ppl back home, but also with ppl from anywhere and everywhere...

  3. @ Jena Isle,
    Japanese seemed so strait laced (okay, if you discount the Manga & Anime fans), right?
    Thanks for the compliments. And happy blogging too!

    A Z Haida,
    a great conversation piece kan? Of course, I bet there'll be some Makciks / Pakciks here who will frown on me for going to the fertility festival. :D

  4. saw some pics of this festival at

    some are funny ha-ha,
    some are rather "ewww..."
    anyway, nowadays Kanamara is no longer just a fertility festival as it is also an Aids awareness campaign of some sort - hence the pink penis (used to be black), but am sure you must have known this...

  5. A Z Haida,
    thanks for the info. Shouldn't be a wonder that prostitutes used to pray against STD at this festival. Didn't know that the pink ones are symbolisms of AIDS awareness. Interesting indeed.


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