Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Cannabis returned to Narita Airport

So the drugs were returned to Narita Airport.

Read more at Japan Today and Japan Inc

So not only that visitors had to contend with the finger printing issue, you have to be wary of anything the officials at Narita might want to plant into your luggage too!


  1. i saw this news on tv a few days ago.
    sometimes they can be very lazy n stupid. kesian visitors. dah la kena beratur lame, kena finger print n amik gambar...

  2. @Nash,
    takut arrr nak masuk Jepun lepas ni...

    itulah.. seb baik org tu tak fly off somewhere else. Tak pasal-pasal kena tangkap jadi drug mule lak kang!

  3. Damnn! And I was hoping they'd end up in the local distribution network. Grass is so expensive here.

  4. I saw this too. It seems like they should be training on their own citizens instead. I wonder if I've ever been trained on.

  5. @Contamination,
    LOL. There are some drug dealer kicking themselves for loss of opportunity. I guess after this, if one ever get caught at some other countries for smuggling in drugs, one can always blame Japan's immigration officials. NOT!

    You never know... :-D

  6. omg, the official responsible for that would probably go commit harakiri...

    reminds me of the chap who let Mas Selamat got away in Singapore.

  7. @CK,
    I remembered that Mas Selamat booboo...
    Sure hope they don't penalise the sniffer dog!


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