Thursday, 1 May 2008

Eating in Osaka Part I

Just some photos. Read more here.

Lunch in Osaka nearby (or is it next to?) Nanba Park. We went to another branch on the next day, which had a bit more traditional feel (and bigger Unagi on the rice), but at that particular branch, they had no ume pickles that both Raimie and Zaini love.

Yummy and cheap to boot!

One different thing I noticed, the tamago served here were not sweet and were actually quite watery and a bit tasteless. Is it a Kansai style?


  1. now that i've seen it on your blog, baru teringat that hubby wanted to taste una-don at least once before we return to Malaysia... but my dearest hubby, i believe, can't really tell the difference between unagi or anago... hehehe

  2. That sure looks like sumptous! Hmm... now, perhaps some unagi for dinner...

  3. lina..mmg byk beza taste kansai n kantou...miso soup di kansai lebih gelap n masin, kalau tendon..sana byk yg tentoji (letak telur dadar separuh masak atas tenpura),...etc...but takoyaki @ kansai is the best...
    azra:...unagi...biasanya kabayaki...bakar 4 segi n hitam...kalau anago kecik dan tak hitam sgt...n anago biasa panjang2...(sorry lina...panjang lak komen kali ni)

  4. A Z Haida & Nash,
    Anago kaler lebih pale & lebih lembut kan? itu aje yg den tahu. muahaha

    C K,
    happy eating!

  5. [Is it a Kansai style?]

    Sorry can't resist ...

    Kansai ... add an "a" between "n" and "s" and we get ... Kanasai! LOL!


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