Sunday, 1 June 2008

Japanese Boy Honored by WHO

All my respect for the boy. To think that it took a young boy to create and lobby a smoke free environment.

Read WHO's press release about the award too.


  1. Smoke free ANYTHING in this country is a step forward.

    In the city I work in I often have t endure smokers in the streets, despite the fact that every street corner has no smoking signs.

    Laws without enforcement are just rhetoric.

  2. yes...i agree with contamination...japanese people still don't bother with local rules etc...esp in the restaurants or public spaces.....

  3. @Contamination & Nash,
    well at least Japan & Malaysia have something in common. Disregard of rules when it comes to smoking.

  4. Smoke free on the roads is indeed a big step forward (or backward, some may argue).

    I tend to get breathing difficulties when exposed to cigarette smoke, so I was more than happy that London has banned smoking in enclosed spaces in 2007.

  5. @C K,
    smokers hate it and we non-smokers love it if there is a ban on smoking, anywhere. Some may argue smoking is a personal right, right?
    I was surprised that in Japan, even at a family restaurant there is a smoking area. At least in Malaysia, anywhere air-conditioned, there is a ban on smoking -not that everyone follow, but nonetheless...


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