Thursday, 8 May 2008

Last Day of Our Holiday in Japan

After spending a fortnight in Japan, it was time for us to return. We sure had fun and all the hassle I faced getting the visa was worthwhile (at least until next time...)

Raimie with our three extra boxes. We worked out that it was cheaper to just buy some boxes at the post office than buying a new bag.

As you can see, one box was full of Ultraman Merchandise. Sweet!

The other two boxes contained souvenirs for family and friends and some dinnerware bought at Daiso.

(Also included in the box was the chocolate crunch and green tea from Contamination)


  1. extra 3 boxes....but not 3 about next plan???

  2. Nash,
    kalau kitaorg mcm orang tu, duduk bertawun-tawun, 3 kontena belum tentu cukup tau! hehehe

  3. perghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gila byk shopping.....

  4. Wah best nyer shopping, eating, shopping & eating.....

  5. HE,
    bukan selalu dapat g holiday. pulun!

    memang best. yg tak best duit kering lepas tu. huhuhu

  6. Oh wow, i haven't been here in such a long while (sorry) but you're still going strong with Japan trip posts.

    Boxes.. another wow.


  7. With all that Ultraman mechandise, you can set up shop back home. lol

    Did you get taxed at the customs? I supposed you checked all those in as luggage right?

    From the looks of it, I think you'll be back to Japan again real soon. :)

  8. Shaun,
    as long as I have photos of Japan, I'll post them here, bit by bit. hehehe

    C K,
    actually, we were thinking of setting up a business - maybe in the near future. :-)

  9. so many Malaysian friends insist on buying Noritake back home yet I am contemplating on buying some dinnerware from Daiso...
    oh, ada geng rupanya :-)

  10. A Z Haida,
    hehehe... if Noritake - I'll use it maybe once a year kot, kalau Daiso for everyday use (so much better bargain for me). Also, if we can find a whole matching set at Daiso, then its good value, right?

  11. Shopping sakan Lina. Tentu seronok trip kali ni kan...

  12. @lina,
    Really? Wow... let me know if once it's up and running. Don't mind getting one of those Ultraman for my work desk. :)

  13. saya pun Daiso fan juga Lina, AZ Haida...

  14. damn...that's a lot of loot! im so jealous. i want the plates. hehe.

  15. @Rubie aka Faruha,
    memang seronok, itu yang keep on returning to Japan tu... ;-)
    Hope you are adjusting well being back home.

    if we made it again there next year, I'll send you a SD figure. OK?
    Setting up a business when faced with the lots of imitation products is quite daunting, though.

    boleh bukak fan club for Daiso lah camtu. hehehe.

    I love the plates. They got the Takenoko motif which happens to be one of my favourite food.

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  17. Lina,
    There is so much Japan offers. Thanks for sharing them. Kasihan betul, I always transit in Osaka or Tokyo airport and never had a chance to step out to see the cities yet.

  18. kotak penuh ultraman tuh menarik la...sure raimie sayang giler kat toys dia yek...

  19. @bunbungirl,
    sure, I'll link yours if you link mine. :-)

    true, and we only skimmed the surface of Japan. Maybe next time you can transit longer in Japan. ;-)

    memang tapi habis bersepah satu rumah penuh dengan Ultraman. Ultraman Toys sahaja yang kami tak akan donate.


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