Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Our 2008 Japan Trip - Osaka & Kobe II : Meet Up with Ultraman Cosmos, Taro and Nice

On Saturday, the day before our flight back, we went to Tsuburaya Jungle in Yao. Instead of getting on a bus or a cab, we decided to walk there from Yao JR Station. It was fun walking, and not that far (better than our first trip there, as we got lost trying to find the place. ^-^ ).

There was a "live show" of Kamen Rider Kiva going on at the mall area when we got there. Raimie was pretty happy to get to watch, even though we didn't manage to get a vantage place to sit. Like any other parents there, we made a video of the show. :D

Spent about four hours there, and Raimie managed to see Ultraman Taro, Cosmos and Nice. He was pretty happy, and he even got to hug Ultraman Nice before we left! The same guy wore all three Ultraman costumes and I really admired him. He was in character the whole time, and we particularly loved the silly way he acted as Ultraman Nice. (He actually fell down after being hugged by three rambunctious kids, and it was pretty funny how he let the kids climb all over him).

With Ultraman Taro

With Ultraman Nice

With Ultraman Cosmos


  1. bila la aku nak jumpa itu ultraman..

  2. Looks like they had a blast! It's so neat to see people who are good with kids like that.

  3. This looks like a boy's dreamland.

  4. 13 Sept ni akan keluar movie....so mai la dtg masa summer...anak2 dah mintak nak tgk..esp boys la

  5. HE,
    senang nak jumpa kat Jepun tu, kan banyak buat road show. nnt nak keluar movie, sah byk promo.

    Indeed. The kids had fun just interacting with the Heroes.

    Boys and some men too. :D

    Silap tak sekali ngan Ultraman Festival. Yg ni Raimie nak pegi, tapi mana nak korek okane. hihihi
    Wayang- tunggu keluar DVD dulu la... watashi wa nihongo wakarimasen :D

  6. I was an Ultraman Ace fan when I was a kid. The show used to air here in the Philippines (many) years ago.

  7. Elaine,
    Ultraman Ace - long ago show...
    glad to meet a fellow fan (even if it was long time ago) :D


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