Saturday, 10 May 2008

Raimie and his Terebi-kun and Terebi-Mag

Free Kaijus and Seijins (10 of them) in the latest Terebi-mag. I think most of them will end up in my vacuum cleaner sooner or later, as I refuse to pick up all Raimie's scattered toys. :p

Lineup of Ultra Heroes human form for the Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers Movie found in previous month's Terebi-kun. For those not in the know, they are :

1. Ultraman Mebius = Hibino Mirai
2. Ultraman Gaia = Takayama Gamu
3. Ultraman Dyna = Shin Asuka
4. Ultraman Tiga = Madoka Daigo
5. Ultraman = Hayata (Hayata Shin)
6. Seven = Moroboshi (Don Moroboshi)
7. Jack = Goh Hideki
8. Ace = Hokuto Seiji

p.s Feel free to Google up the their real names yourself. :D

Movie starts from Sep 13, 2008 but it seems the advance tickets had been sold and got better response the Mebius' Movie. Correct me if I am wrong...

On a similar note, there's Ultraman Festival (Jul 25 - Aug 31) to look forward to during the Summer Holiday for kids (and kids at heart) in Japan. You know, Raimie had requested a trip there for the Ultraman Festival, but unless we get a windfall (won a lottery or something, which makes the trip highly improbable heh heh) we will not be able to accede to his request. Pity, as the entrance fee for 2008 was cheaper than our trip to Ulfes in 2006.

It would be cool to go on the first day and get the limited edition Ultraman figures...


  1. last week after watched kids request to watch ultraman n took one pamplet on ultraman...i'll scan for u later...hehe

  2. @contaminatioin,

    scan, jangan x scan :D

  3. hi...
    nice to see you...
    can you send me photo of hiroshi nagano to my e-mail???please...

  4. @JYZI,
    don't take this the wrong way but I am not a fan of him other than because of him being in Ultraman Tiga. Neither am I a member of his fan club. I don't have photo of him apart from whatever there is posted on my blog.
    Another thing, if I want to ask something from someone, I make sure I at least know what his/her name is or what she/he is called online.
    Again, don't take this the wrong way. :)

  5. hei,, how amazing you are!!!
    i'm a fan of ultraman,, especially ultraman tiga..
    because Daigo is so cute!!!!
    would you mind sending me a big picture for it????
    please,,, i'll be waiting for it...

    thanks a lot...

  6. it's a good fiLm .................


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