Sunday, 11 May 2008

Spa News!

There was a mention about ramen bath earlier, which I made a post about. Anyone ever went to one of these "interesting" style baths?

And I guess these bath were pretty interesting to the eyes of tourists too.

And 10 million visitors since 2001? Not bad.


  1. noodle tu mmg tak lalu la kan...setakat tgk aje la..

  2. ramen....made from tonkotsu (pork, bone etc)...and i've heard about this place...there are wine, chocolate, coffee etc...for onsen or bath...luckily some are not naked bath...hahaha

  3. @HE & Nash,
    that's why if you want to eat ramen, come back to Malaysia. :-)

  4. Wine.. might be good for the heart. Chocolate.. has antioxidant properties. But Ramen?! Lol.. Unless all they want to do is get full while soaking themselves, i can't really think how people would want to bath in ramen. And it's not like the Ramen is even real!



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