Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday Post

My very last tea bag, the green tea was a present from Contamination from jDonuts. I used it very sparingly, (drank it once a week). The tea was very nice and the teabag was kinda cool too, as I had never seen any teabag like that before (and the way the tea expand and fill the bag was neat too, at least for me). Now, if only I had enough stock to last me a year, that would be cool! Hehehe. (Psstt.. Contamination - thank your wife for recommending the tea, ok?)

Anyway, lucky we bought quite a number of mugi-cha for our stock. Now, there's always mugi-cha ready for us to drink in the fridge. And I found out that it is not that expensive to buy at Jusco too. Only RM7.90 for the TopValu packs of 52 tea bags. Life is good. :-)

I also would like to thank Joy of for the very nice postcard of Downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park she sent me all the way from Canada.

I love her penmanship too. Sorry it took me ages to mention about this. (Did you get cramps from writing my very loooong house address? :D hehehe)


  1. lol, I remembered Contamination posting a photo of that bag of tea that he was going to pass to you!

  2. mugi-cha....we love it...

  3. @C K,
    good memory!

    memang best kan... we love it coz it taste like coffee. :D

  4. I'm very happy to know you enjoyed the tea! Thanks. (OvO)

  5. @Contamination,
    I love it. Pity can't find it here yet.


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