Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thomas Cup : Malaysia for the Semi-Finals!

Wohoo! I don't really follow badminton anymore, but I used to. My father's family were very much into badminton. When I was small and growing up, my grandfather had a badminton court built (complete with spotlight and all) next to his house so that his children and grandchildren can enjoy a game of badminton anytime we want.

My aunt (my father's youngest sister) actually represented Malaysia to the Uber Cup way back in the 1980s. No one in our family play badminton seriously or competitively (everyone into the rat race now) nowadays which is quite sad when I look back and remembered how many trophies and medals were won by my father's siblings and were displayed prominently in the grandparents' house.

Back to the Thomas Cup, the Malaysian team did a mix and match with the doubles team as Japan's strength are their doubles. The gamble paid off, and we are off to the semi-finals! Yeay!

More news at the Star Online.


  1. Yeah, we all hope Malaysian player will come back with victories from Indonesia. Lets beat them Malaysian team.

  2. i hope we can win...last thomas cup...2006 @ tokyo...we watched semi final vs denmark but sadly we lost...n my friends and families @ malaysia noticed us in tv...hahaha...glmour jap..

  3. lets see how Malaysia can do with China.. i think there will be good fight

  4. @Soleh,
    :-). Thx for visiting

    @Nash & HE,
    kena tunggu lagi lah utk Malaysia menjulang piala nampaknya.


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