Thursday, 22 May 2008

Train Photos Part II - Kyushu

Raimie with a JR Train driver at Kokura Station

Local train bound for Mojiko Station. The cartoon on the train is of the Spaceworld

On board the Shinkansen Hikari Railstar from Shin-Osaka to Hakata Station

Limited Express Kamome bound for Nagasaki


  1. berbaloi betul guna jr rail pass tu kan...kalau biasa mahal tu....insyaallah lain kali boleh try kalau ada rezeki...

  2. @Nash,
    memang berbaloi. kalau tak kerana JR Pass, tak merasa lah kitorg naik keretapi keliling Jepun :D

  3. I tried taking a picture with train drivers the other time but they were always running around and looking kind of stressed... so.. oh well, maybe next time.

    Haha, but I think Raimie looks great with the cap!

  4. @CK,
    we were lucky that the train driver was a cheerful guy and likes children. :-)
    wouldn't want to hold up the drivers unnecessarily just for a photo!


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