Saturday, 24 May 2008

Train Photos Part III - Night Trains

Our initial plan was to take the Sunrise Izumo train from Okayama to Tokyo and then take an Express Noto train from Tokyo to Kanazawa. However, as the Sunrise Izumo had only 1 seat left when we wanted to make advance reservation at the JR Kansai Airport's office, we decided to get reservation on Express Noto from Kanazawa to Tokyo instead. Express Noto has only seats (no couchettes/berth/private rooms) available, so no extra charges for JR Pass holders. It has a ladies only car, which was nice as it was quite empty compared to other cars (and ladies car has blankets - cleanliness is a bit subjective, though). I found the ladies car to be nicer and comfier compared to the seats that Zaini occupied which was quite cold. Brrr....

There are two night trains plying the Tokyo-Kanazawa route, Express Noto and Limited Express Hokuriku. Hokuriku is more comfortable, with shower rooms, couchette and private rooms available. However, JR Pass holders need to pay surcharges using this train.

Express Noto

Noto Lounge Car

As the train was not full (both in ladies car and in the regular car), we were able to get two seats each and managed to lie down to get some sleep. The ticket inspector did not disturb any of us after checking our tickets so we were free to choose other seats and move around (and disturb others near the door, sorry guys). I turned around two seats so that four seats face each other and let Raimie lie down in two and I sat on the opposite ones - more comfortable (and easier for me to watch him) that way. He did complain that the ladies car seats was too warm. :D

Limited Express Hokuriku

If we can afford to return to Japan for another holiday, we would love to get on the Cassiopea.

The wake-up song in the train that they put on was kinda cute. I know there were people who complained; saying the songs were annoying, but I enjoyed the 5.30/6am wake-up song prior to the arrival at the station announcement.


  1. kami dah lama nak naik cassipea...but mahal sgt la...lainlah kalau boleh tinggalkan anak2 lama2...boleh la berhoneymoon..hehe...

  2. @nash,
    itulah, mahal nak naik... kalau tak memang dah naik ke Hokkaido dah kitaorg ni...
    meh kitaorg babysit anak2 u all, then boleh gi hanimun. hehehe


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