Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ultraman Max Malaysia Tour 2008 II

Okay, granted that the Ultraman Max Malaysia Tour 2008 is a ploy to make parents spend money and buy sub-standard VCD at a marked-up price, but who cares, right?

One need to spend at least RM19.90 at Speedy Video to be able to take photo with Ultraman Max. So, off we go and bought one for Raimie. The VCD used to cost around RM9.90/RM12.90, but it is now repackaged (new cover) and came with a free (rather dubious looking) Ultraman figure that have blinking lights and sound. There goes our peace and quiet at home... XD

This being Malaysia, Ultraman Max was 15 minutes late. And everyone who was not queuing pushed forward to get a chance to take Ultraman Max's photo.
But all in all, quite a cool experience. There were free stickers and brochures handout, and when we were queuing, there were Double Decker snacks (Double-Decker being the sponsor for Ultraman Max shown on TV3) being distributed. Got a free photo printed out too, and the wait for the photo was quite minimal since we were no. 3 in line. (Did I mention I am Kiasu? Hehehe) And maybe next time Jusco and Speedy can do a joint venture and hold a bigger Ultraman event.

Raimie with Ultraman Max and one "sad, dejected" looking monster in front of Speedy Video outlet at Jusco Cheras Selatan


  1. rindu dengan Jusco....tak sangka Ultraman pun sampai ke Jusco...dulu2 tak de plak..

  2. raimie yg seronok ke...mama n papa dia yg seronok lebih...huhu

  3. @HE,
    ada, sblm ni Ultraman Dyna tapi itu pun Mamee yg sponsor.
    Hehehe rasanya Mak Bapak yg lebih. Raimie hari tu dah nak balik dah bila tengok orang ramai. Mama dia yg pegi serbu utk beratur depan sekali.

  4. Tak bole nak bayangkan situasi tu.City boys fanatic ke dgn Ultraman?Anak2 buah su cam xde perasaan je kat Ultraman

  5. @Su,
    sejak ada di Astro Ceria ni, yg ramai budak2 minat ni...


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