Saturday, 24 May 2008

Ultraman Max Malaysia Tour 2008

Ultraman Max is in town! (Japanese people/residents - I know Max is already 2 years' news in Japan, but it is only aired in Malaysia in 2008).

Because it is aired now, Ultraman Max's toys became available in the department stores this year. To think that in Japan, you can't find Max's toys anymore. (Heck, even Mebius' toys are sold at discounted price in Japan now)

Appearances (meet & greet session) :

25th May @ 12pm : Jusco Cheras Selatan
25th May & 2nd June @ 4pm : Mines Shopping Center
25th May @ 7pm : Ikano Power Center
26th May @ 12pm : Sunway Pyramid
28th May : Jusco Equine Park @ 12pm & Subang Parade @ 6pm
30th & 31st May : First World Plaza, Genting (fun with Ultraman and gamble in the casino in one weekend!) Event scheduled from 10am to 10pm at Genting. Should be interesting to see what's in store there.
4th June until 8th June : Sabah & Sarawak

There are also Pose with Ultraman vs Monsters contest and key-chain painting contest at The Mines, not too sure whether other shopping complexes have one too (you know that shopping malls' website here are notorious for not bothering to update their own websites and putting up enough info for visitors).

Being a very "kiasu" mom at times, I wanted to enter Raimie to both contests, but then... give chance to other people'lah... Hehehe

We'll probably go to Jusco Cheras Selatan instead of Mines tomorrow. We'll see what happens there... (I'll put up a photo if we made it)

In the meantime - photo of us with Ultraman Max way back in 2006; taken at Ultraman Festival (Ulfes).

With Ultraman Max at Ultraman Land in 2007


  1. W00T! I bet Raimie was jumping Up and Down with excitement the moment he heard about this.

  2. @contamination,
    he's been bugging us for days to go as the shopping mall have a HUGE poster up outside the mall, and we pass by it every single weekday morning to go to work/kindie.

  3. Ultraman's still not old for me.But I guess there are other people who think the same!^^ X3


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