Wednesday, 25 June 2008

1 Month to Ulfes 2008!

Exactly one month from now, the Ulfes 2008 will start. Ulfes 2008 starts from Jul 25 to Aug 31 2008. For those who'll be in Tokyo during that time, don't miss it! (And post some photos for me, ok?- Nash, we are so jealous that you're going) *^-^*

Pity Zaini is not a NUBE member. (That's National Union Of Bank Employees, people) Otherwise, he'll be entitled for a 17% salary revision and arrears for his salary from year 2006. That would be so cool. (And Raimie and I can try to weasel that extra money out to pay for our air tickets to Tokyo. Heh heh). And yes, Sayang, I know you read this blog frequently. :D

Anyway, because we can't go (but never say never, eh?) I'll bombard everyone with some more photos of Raimie and Ultraman statues during our previous trip to Ulfes. Enjoy!

Ulfes 2008 Pamphlet Photo courtesy of Nash.


  1. My nephew watched too much Ultraman so much so that he goes around zapping anyone who disagrees with him!

  2. @my bug life,
    hehehe... just like my son. Maybe they should get together for a play session. :D

  3. When I was a child I love to see this ultraman guy. We is one of my favorite hero. Although I am not from Japan, me and my friends get hooked by this series. They are a good entertainment for us way back in our elementary days. hehe

  4. @RoNald,
    The series went way back from the 1960s. Older and younger generations can still enjoy Ultraman even today. :)


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