Friday, 27 June 2008

High Tech Toilets vs Squat Toilet

I posted about a high-tech toilet earlier. So, I thought I post a photo of a squat toilet this time around. :-)

How many of you have no problem using this toilet?

These toilets can still be found in abundance in Japan, even at Disneyland (well, last time I checked, anyway). This one I took at Hiroshima Peace Park. - Malaysia's version of squat toilet is slightly different than this one.

How to use Japanese style toilet, here.


  1. hi there.
    i read your post bout ultraman kids.
    i used to watch it in Malaysia when i was 6 back in 1994.
    any idea where to find the DVD in English, Malay or French?
    because i only understand these languages.
    Contact me at
    thank you!

  2. We used to have that when I was a kid. I don't think I can balance on one now. It's really a balancing act and not exactly sight if you slip...

  3. @k-riey,
    it's in Japanese with Chinese & Malay subtitles. I abhor dubbed series. Place to look? Maybe you can check with the guys at K?
    Ours - we bought it at Kedai Hiroo,Petaling Street. :D

    @C K,
    true. And the older (and taller) you get, the harder it is to balance yourself. Definitely not a pretty sight trying to balance and aim. Hehehe.


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