Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Rampage in Akihabara

This is one scary and disturbing news. Only came out in Malaysian newspaper today, but fellow Malaysian bloggers in Japan wrote about it yesterday.


  1. You know how people say that Japan has got low crime rate? But I realised that it has its fair share of violent crime... hmm...

  2. @C K,
    Japan should be wary of their own citizens. Quite dangerous people, you'd never know when one decides to go on killing rampage. Shudder...

  3. they kinda crazy..u never know who there are, it can be very smart person, it can be student or cute girl...beware of Japanese

  4. This is very very shocking and sad news now in Japan. The murderer was unhappy about his job or the company he works for, and then he killed people who have nothing to do with his life or work.

    These days it's no longer safe in Japan. I really miss the time when it was said "safety & water is free in Japan." as nowadays things are pretty much different.

    We will never know when we can be killed by anyone with knife. I don't feel like watching news every night because there'no day without murder, robbery, or violence throughout the country.

    BTW, seeing your reply to my previous comment here, I put a link to your site at the side bar of my blog, under "interested in Japan?" Please check it and kindly do mine at your site please.

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  6. You never know when you will meet a crazy person out there. I believe it can happen anywhere.

  7. we all dpt tau about d news on sunday afternoon. mmg menakutkan. bayangkanlah dah la ari ahad. Manuasia di merata2 tempat.
    This week d news asyik dok ulang berita ni je ari2 dan tu jugak lah impian penjenayah tu.

  8. I think developed countries has a higher tendency of insane crimes such as this one? O_O

    Like in America, shootings sprees in various schools happen every now and then. -_-

  9. @kirin,
    You know something? The worst thing is when someone who actually look respectable suddenly hurling at you with a knife for no apparent reason. How can one even begin to avoid that?!

  10. @HE,
    ya, beware of Japanese. Much better for the police to watch out for their own people than suspecting hijab clad muslim girls as suspected terrorists.

    It's shocking that he got innocent people killed. Everywhere you will hear of crimes happening and not only in Japan it is reportted more in the news, nowadays.... scary world we're living in

    that is indeed true. the seemingly respectable person you think you know might harbour a dark secret.... scary

    itulah... siap announce intention dia tu. He wants to be famous for his act?

    the cost of progress? We do have our share of parang wielding people running amok too.

    @C K,
    indeed. I can't imagine being paranoid of every single person around me for fear that someone is plotting to stab murder.

  11. Hey we caught this news on Croatian TV a few days ago! It was all over the news! Strangely how news spread..
    Terrifying news indeed!

  12. actually it may happen anywhere but the way they (japanese tv) broadcast them in too details can make another copycat killer(s)...who knows..

  13. Horrific crimes on the rise!

  14. @Sher,
    the gift (or bane) of modern life. News (true or false) spread like wildfire. :-)

    Yeah, sensationalising a news can encourage others to copycat and that would be scarier!

    @My Bug Life,
    the effects of modern life, I guess.

  15. i worry about life in japan
    i also worry about the rise of crime in malaysia
    in effect - like it or not, malaysians are becoming more and more like japanese in terms of putting pressures on kids...

    oh - but i agree with you totally on how it might be better for Japanese police to be more wary of their own people rather than harassing gaijins (hijab clad muslimahs included) as suspected terrorists... the other day a malay guy asked for direction to Asakusa Mosque at a nearby Koban, and instead of being given a quick direction, he was interrogated for ages and he was already running late for solat...Geram tau...

  16. @A Z Haida,
    I totally agree with you. We Malaysians now put way too much pressure on paper qualifications and not so much in character building. Manners and tolerance to others are not considered essential...
    And yeah, Japan and its police should take care of their own citizen first and then worry and harrass poor muslims and muslimah in Japan that do nothing wrong!


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