Saturday, 21 June 2008

Rice, Rice, Rice

The rice price increase had been news for quite some time now, but it is only now we felt the pinch since we had to buy some rice to restock.
Imagine my horror to see our usually bought bag of 5kg Sumo calrose rice (above pic) now cost RM49.90. It used to be sold at "just" RM29.90.

We would be better off buying the Nishiki rice still sold at its old price of RM27.50 for a bag of 2.5kg!
So, this time, we decided to try out this Super Komachi rice instead. This bag of 2.5kg only set us back RM17.70. (But sure is troublesome to cook! 40 minutes to soak the rice!)

I guess its time for us to change our lifestyle and revert back to eating local rice.

p.s. Farah, Hikari rice also not so expensive. About RM34 for a 5kg bag.


  1. Is there a difference in taste between the two?

  2. funny to note that you guys are eating Japanese rice over there while we in Japan are eating Thai rice...

    btw, while there is some increase in Japanese rice price here, there's none (yet) for Thai rice... anyway, Malaysian lauk goes better with Thai rice and somehow the texture of nasi goreng is better when one uses Thai rather than Japanese rice... so that's why we have been eating Thai rice all these while...

  3. @Thomas,
    the Komachi rice is much stickier and softer. Maybe due to the soaking?
    Both are of different grade.
    The sumo calrose rice is Super California grade while the Komachi is of Moyen grain (whatever that is).

    @A Z Haida,
    ironic isn't it? Hehehe

    We do keep stock of two different types of rice (but in small quantity) but since Raimie eats more when I served the Japanese rice, we tend to eat them more.

    Definitely fried rice taste better with local/thai/basmati rice than Japanese rice kan? Fried rice is no good when it is all sticky and lumpy. And of course if I am making chicken rice, I use local (or long grain) rice. However, I was just thinking - can we cook Nasi Dagang using Japanese rice? :D
    Is the rice price increasing a lot in Japan?

  4. Lina, we can make nasi dagang with Japanese rice. Ada akak from Trg kat sini buat n it was yummy :D I cook nasi ayam with Japanese rice also nice :D but with some modifications lah
    Thanks for the info about Japanese rice. I've been waiting for this entry ;D Sbb nnt kena bawak blk Harris for my fieldwork in msia n anak Jepun saya ni xreti mkn nasi msia hehehe
    btw, kat jusco mana2 ada jual ke beras Jepun?

  5. @Farah,
    boleh buat Nasi Dagang ek? Good good, kalau tetiba tergerak nak makan tapi tadak beras, no hal lah lepas ni. :D

    Pasal anak Jepun Farah tu, dun worry, Carrefour pun ada jual takat beras Calrose, beras sumo tu. Jusco - tak sure tapi Mid Valley, Cheras Selatan & Bandar Utama ada jual.

  6. Switch to potatoes! That's what the UK govt is encouraging its people to do in order to reduce food costs.

  7. @C K,
    potatoes! hmmm... kinda reminiscent of the Japanese Occupation time when my grandparents and great grandparents had to eat tapioca. (I know they're different, but nevertheless...)
    Potatoes farmers should be rejoicing of the campaign, eh?

    cannot survive without rice ler...

  8. wow..40mins to soak the rice is a hassle!

  9. @my bug life,
    tell me about it! but the result is definitely worth it. Soft, sticky rice. My son kept asking for more! BTW, for dinner I only soak the rice for 20 minutes. Laparlah!

  10. I read somewhere recently that Japanese rice has long been way more expensive than the average market price, so the recent price rises don't seem to have affected Japan much. At least so far, though I imagine increases in fuel costs etc. will feed their way through, and because other sorts of grain (which are usually imported) are becoming more expensive, demand for rice flour (there is such a thing) is increasing, which might increase demand and inevitably prices.

  11. Salam Lina,
    cha-han (nasi goreng jepun ala chinese) sedap tau kalau guna beras jepun. kurangkan sedikit air masa masak nasi tu. bagi dia keras sikit.

    btw, our kids cuma makan beras thai klu guna jasmin dan buat nasi goreng bertelur ala cha-han tu.... :(

    kami sekeluarga makan beras yang dibeli dari petani terus from Niigata. order "genmai" one year advance untuk stock setahun. kadang2 sangat makan beras dari supa, kids keep complaining, nasi tak sedap. huhuhu
    Raimie kalau tinggal dgn auntie kat jepun pun boleh... senang "bela" kekekeke

  12. @Penguin,
    is the rice pricing in Japan regulated by the Government?
    Any rise in the price is inevitable, I guess. Woe indeed. :-(

    @Kak Hani,
    mesti best beras tu kan. Beli utk stok 1 tahun ka? Waaa... respeklah.Beras freshly milled mesti sedap kan.
    Zaini selalu membebel how come makan beras Calrose takde selera nak tambah, tapi kalau kat Jepun, tambah nasi 2-3 kali. (Memang banyak beza pun/adakah bini tak pandai masak nasi! Huhuhu). Tu yang lekat kat anak Jepun saya sorang tu. Ntah bila Raimie tu duduk Jepun pun tatau, sebab itu makanan yg dia berselera nak makan. :-(

  13. We Asians love our rice, don't we? Even if it is too expensive here in England, we can't do anything.

    My kids still look for rice on the table most of the time, though i try to insert potato, bread or pasta as alternative sources of carbohydrates.

    i should try Japanese rice next time.

  14. @Hotmomma,
    true. We Asians can never stray too far from our rice. :-)

  15. We Europeans love our bread too ;).

    @lina: I'm not sure about the exact situation, but the Japanese agricultural industry is not exactly an open-market free-for-all, and I imagine there is some sort of regulatory influence. I know until the mid 90's rice could only be bought from specialist rice shops and not normal supermarkets.

  16. @Penguin,
    and our poor Asian stomach will never be full eating bread. :D
    rice can only be bought at specialized rice shop? That's interesting (and somewhat inconvenient).

  17. lina...kami pun beli tru internet terus dari petani...murah gak...30 kg dlm 7000 yen...dan beras pun baru2...tapi boleh tahan dlm 2 bulan lebih sikit je..haha...kalau nak buat ch-han ..elok campurkan siap2 telur mentah ngan nasi dan baru telur tu salut nasi sekata dan sodapppp...burp...huhu

  18. I don't eat much rice nowadays. It used to be so cheap. I did a research that rice cultivation in Japan is more expensive than importing yet it is a country which would not depend totally on imported rice as it is a staple food.

    Oh yes, I have an award for you which can be picked up from my blog. Congrats.

  19. @Jesie,
    It's good that Japan does not need to rely completely on imported rice since rice is their staple food and Japanese, I think do not consume imported rice that much.
    We Malaysians rely too much on imported rice (myself included) what with the Basmathi, the Thai rice, etc.
    Thanks for the award!

  20. @Nash,
    30kg for 7000yen. Murahnya... High-tech petani kat sana ek? Senang kalau boleh order thru internet aja. Of course, delivery service pun kenalah top-notch. :-)


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