Monday, 30 June 2008

Tag and an Award

I procastinate long enough to reply Umie's tag and to say thanks to Jesie for awarding me the "I'm a daily blogger award". And I'd like to pass this award on to my blogging friends in Japan: Nash, HE, A Z Haida and Kak Hani. :-)

To answer Umie's tag:

5 presents:
1. Health
2. Peace of mind
3. Love
4. Wealth
5. Time

5 reasons for the above:
1. Being healthy means I can spend time doing all sorts of activities with Zaini and Raimie. And no more visits to the hospital!
2. Self acceptance and being happy just being me.That is peace for me.
3. The most precious present for me is the unconditional love from my loved ones. I love you guys too!
4. So that I can always visit Japan. Hihihi
5. So that I can spend more time with my family instead of a few hours with Raimie every day.

5 characteristic I like in the person I admire:
1. Patient
2. Caring
3. Quiet
4. Laid back
5. Good sense of style. (I like stylish man)

Best thing he ever did:
Agreeing to go out with me! (Yes, I asked him out for our first date)

5 things you do when you bored:
1. Stare at my computer
2. Read books 200 times
3. Disturb Zaini
4. Watch TV
5. Sleep

5 great inventions:
1. Zaini and Raimie
2. Internet
3. WiFi
4. Notebook
5. This world and everything in it

5 most hated:
1. Self centered people
2. Brats
3. Noisy neighbours
4. Back stabber
5. Judgmental people

5 people to be tagged:
1. Contamination of
2. Cheyah of My Left Handwriting
3. Kak Jun of Jun-My World
4. Jesie of Jesie Blog Journey
5. errr.... anyone else wanna volunteer?


  1. Lina,
    Thanks for thinking of me. I will find time to do it. I am behind with three memes to publish at the moment.

  2. Oh no, not another Meme!

    I think I'll stick to interviewing Japan bloggers instead....

  3. hi lina..aiyoooo, tagged me eh! x d masa sgt nak wat ni...sori la, lambat tgk..akak jarang update blog ni..slalu kat umah yg masak2 tu..yg ni bila ade gambo aje masuk..heheh...kalu free, akak try pon ade satu x buat2 lagik...heee


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