Thursday, 26 June 2008

Toilets go high-tech in Japan

I wish I can install a high-tech toilet in my home. Unfortunately, our bathroom is designed in a way that every time I take a shower, the toilet will get wet. Not a good idea to install a high-tech toilet. :-(


  1. That's amazing. I wish they could also invent a high tech computer which is sound activated, so all you have to do is to dictate..(grins)


  2. I wish our public toilets can go high tech. They really need it...esp one that's automatically sanitized.

  3. @jenaisle,
    that would awesome. :D imagine, all your mumblings would be typed for you.

    @my bug life,
    yea, definitely one with auto sanitizer. It's so nice to go to Japan and use the high-tech public toilets there, but they do still have the traditional squat toilets too!


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