Sunday, 8 June 2008

Train Photos VI - Kanazawa on the Thunderbird

JR Staff helping a customer using the ticket machine at Kanazawa's Reservation Office

It had an "old" feel to it, but the washroom sure was nice, complete with automated door. I like...


  1. Had the same impression the last time I took Shinkanshen. The interior looked rather dated... but hey, it serves its function so no complains from me. :)

  2. syok ye...dpt jalan2 dan guna byk jenis keretapi...

  3. @C K,
    yep, as long as it gets to us from point A to point B, I'm fine with it too.

    memang syok. kalau tak kerana JR Pass, memang takde can nak pulun naik sesuka hati punya. :D
    ini pun belum habis lagi keretapi yg nak naik ni... tunggu next trip, insyaAllah

  4. Thanks for your visit & comment to my blog. I can recognize this blog as I sometimes visit here thru Entrecard.

    I've been wondering if you're interested in exchanging links with me...

  5. Lina..dok kenang2 tu....jgn biarkan..Cepat booking tiket..Meh datang sini meh...

  6. @Kirin,
    sure, I'd love to exchange link with you. :-)

    @Kak Aini,
    hehehe... dok terkenang ajelah, tak tahu ada bajet nak pegi lagi sekali ke tak. huhuhu


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