Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Train Photos VII - Off to Kansai Airport!

Since our JR Pass expired the day before our return date to Kuala Lumpur, we decided to hop on the Rapi:t β train from Namba to Kansai Airport. Very nice train, much much better than Haruka! And totally cool train head!

Check out our previous posts on trains to Narita Airport too! (On Keisei Limited Express, Airport Narita and Narita Express)


  1. seronoknya naik train mcm tu...saya tak pernah lagi...

  2. really cool huh....the train head..like movies...and never been to kansai airport...man-made island...

  3. @HE,
    takpe, banyak masa lagi nak jenjalan serata Nihon, kan? :-)

    really cool. like a mask, gitu.


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