Sunday, 15 June 2008

Vending Machine Heaven

Another thing that we love Japan for is the abundance of vending machines available. Yep, vending machines everywhere, from drinks to sake to onigiris and fries to cigarettes... Loved it.

(And very good to minimise human interaction too - which may be a good or a bad thing...)

Drinks Vending Machine

Tickets Vending Machines : Tickets Machine at Tsuburaya Jungle for its rides, locker at Gala Yuazawa and tickets for attractions at Kobe Harbourland

Cigarettes Vending Machine
Sake Vending Machine found in Kanazawa

Ice Cream Vending Machine
Not too sure, but is it a National Battery vending machine? :D
Food Ticket Machine
Not to forget, the use of money changing machine in the buses are priceless. I wish our buses here had that machines too instead of insisting on exact change. (But come to think about it, Malaysians are one impatient lot and I can't imagine passengers - myself included; waiting patiently for others to change their big notes to small notes on the buses)


  1. Yea I agree...the Japanese and their love for vending machines. I saw one time on Discovery Travel..the Japanese have vending machines for every imaginable thing!

  2. there are much more things that they sale using vending machines to xxx "goodies" ie: adult's toy, dvd, videos etc...and recently only people who have special id card can buy cigarretes...

  3. Nice blog! I like the vending machines!

  4. Nice blog! I like the vending machines!

  5. che' lina weit..hang kena tagged maaa....

  6. @my bug life,
    yes, they have vending machines for everything it seems. :D but very convenient esp if in the middle of night

    we've never came across the xxx ones, but knew of the existence. Hence, no photos of them here! (I think Zaini probably saw them! :D)


    Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! XD

  7. Where's the beer vending machine?

  8. National battery vending machine!! It looks so old, and I never expected it exsists today. Where did you find it? I guess I have never seen one of those since my childhood...

  9. @tornadoes28,
    no photos of them. do you have one? :-)

    wow, the battery machine must be an antique then :D
    found it at Yao in Osaka

  10. Lina,

    But sometimes rimas ada vending machines ni.My kids takleh nampak...asyik nak air je...

  11. @Su,
    ya jugak kan. jalan tak sampai tiga tapak ada satu lagi mesin. air pulak macam-macam.

  12. @kirin, there are still battery vending machines around, I keep coming across them.

  13. penguin,
    you're backkkkkk!!!! :D


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