Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wasabi Ice-Cream

Went out for a buffet lunch today, and decided to have a go at the wasabi ice-cream.

This is only the second time I've tried eating this ice-cream and the verdict: still too funky for my taste. I settle for that mushroom ice-cream, thanks.


  1. makan aiskrim wasabi ada effect panas di hidung tak, macam sesetengah org kena kalau makan wasabi biasa?

    teringat SMAPxSMAP baru ni, shingo hidangkan vegetable based desserts, termasuk gobo ice-cream. baper kali ntah tetamu yang bernasib malang tu dok cakap "gobo!", "gobo da!"... seperti yang dijangkakan, team shingo kalah, hihihi...

  2. ada effect sikit jugak, rasa mcm makan wasabi yg mild (ada ke? :D) dah manis.

  3. Call me a food conservative but wasabi should remain close to sushi and never on top of a cone. :p

    But I wonder how it taste like... just wasabi, only frozen?

  4. @C K,
    it did have the wasabi taste and the effect on your nostril, but not that much. the texture was like a sorbet.


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