Thursday, 31 July 2008

Anyone Up For An Eel Tasting Fizzy Drink?

I read about this Unagi Nobori in the newspaper yesterday and tried to google up some info. What I got was that this drink has a similar taste to broiled eels, a popular form of the summer delicacy and this drink is targeted for men.

Hmm... broiled eel for a drink. Interesting.

Did anyone tried the eel fizzy drinks yet? Contamination or Thomas - you guys tried this yet? :D


  1. I haven't tried it yet. I'll try to make it to the conbini today ... I made a note to do it.

  2. @Thomas,
    Don't forget to give an in-depth report about it! :-)

  3. I don't think I dare much as I love Japanese food, I still can't get past eating eel...the tot of the snake-like thing makes me feel eekish.

  4. I went looking for it and stopped at 4 convenience stores, but couldn't find it. I don't think it's sold up here. :(

  5. @my bug life,
    I love unagi kabayaki but I don't know whether I can drink them. :-(
    But then, this drink is targeted for men. ;-)

    maybe only a few shops dare to sell them? Hehehe

  6. Why for men? Energy booster I guess?

  7. I heard about this on the radio just a few days ago. It's supposed to give energy after a long day of work.

  8. I think it's for men since men generally work while women generally stay at home in Japan.


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