Saturday, 26 July 2008

Did I Cook Lunch?

Tried to search for some recipes to jazz up our usual fare of rice and I wanted to look for one dish meal recipes.

Oh heck! Why bother looking for recipe. I have salmon, I have soy sauce, I have rice. Does my bowl of rice (photo) count as takikomi gohan? :-p

As you can see from the photo, my rice is a result of me dumping almost everything I can find in the fridge.

Sometimes Zaini requested that I don't experiment/try new recipes because of undesired (or inedible) results, and he usually had to eat whatever I cook, even if I myself can't eat them. I take his willingness to accept my poor cooking skill as a testament of his love to me. Hehehe...


  1. It's fun to experiment..there's always room for improvment and I think Zaini is a good sport.

  2. @my bug life,
    he sure is. thank goodness for that. :D

  3. the soy sauce does it all :)

  4. @Nash,
    sapa bijak? Zaini ke? :p

    An Asian kitchen is not complete without soy sauce, IMHO.

  5. That looks yummy and experimenting is fun. That's so funny that Zaini still eats it if it's not great, he must really love you ;)

  6. you have been silalah jawab ye...take your time...

  7. @Melanie,
    haha, I sure hope so

    aiseh. ingat nak tag u dulu, tapi u lagi cepat. huhuhu


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