Saturday, 12 July 2008

Dinner Alone

Dinner alone for me on Friday night, since Zaini had a function to attend. I was going to Yoshinoya for dinner after work, but had second thoughts when I got there. I don't really relish the idea of eating alone nowadays (especially if the outlet of my choosing is particularly crowded). So, I decided to buy some sushi at Jusco and with a couple of senbei and a bottle of Pepsi, my dinner is complete. I ate dinner while watching a particularly hilarious Korean TV show "2 days 1 night" aired on Friday night. I love that show.

Raimie trying and managing to nick my dinner. (He had his before I pick him up earlier, but he can never resist a bit of sushi). :-)


  1. Ah, the single life. No responsibilities and no one to share the chores. Hope you enjoyed the time while it lasted. :-)

  2. Man, I love JusCo. At least the one I'm used to going to, in Nagano-ken. It's like a regualr Walmart, except Japanese, and with three stories and an arcade. <3 Japan.

  3. @Contamination,
    Sure did! :-)

    Interesting that we have yet set foot to Aeon/Jusco in Japan. Well, if we didn't count the Max Valu supa in Nanba.

  4. I love those sushi you got there..:P Am a fan of Japanese food.

  5. @my bug life,
    Japanese food are great, aren't they? :-)
    and lucky for me, here in Mid Valley, there are lots of Japanese outlets to choose from.


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