Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

I seriously think that I need to check my sugar level after my vacations in Japan. Instead of drinking plain water or green tea like I do here, I consume way too much sugared drinks there. Ditto for Raimie. It's just that there are so many cute and interesting drinks to try out. We simply can't resist! (Especially with all those Jido-Hanbaiki readily available everywhere and I mean, everywhere!)

Raimie loves these two drinks. Qoo - because it is so cute to pronouce and Oronamin C because of the Den-O TV ad.

Both are available here, but at RM4.50 for the small 52yen priced Qoo can drinks to RM5.50 for Oronamin C, it is not something I'll buy for him if he is thristy here!

For both Zaini and I, we tend to buy Aquarius a lot and have it readily available in our hotel room because it is cheap!

I do love CC Lemon, but I can't take them on an empty stomach. :-)


  1. how about calpis...?? our kids' favorite...

  2. @Nash,
    not so much, dunno why tak berapa minat.

  3. The Japanese are really clever..they create all imaginable edible things and their products are so colourful and attractive. I am like child all over again when I visit Japanese stores...so many kinds of food to try!

  4. @my bug life,
    they are! they really know how to entice people to buy their products, all wrapped nicely and so "kawaii". :-)

  5. I spotted the photo of Raimie in that LinkWithin thingie, and I just had to follow it. Utterly adorable photo! ^^

  6. Ahahaha... There are more stashed away here, ya know. xD


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