Thursday, 17 July 2008

Great free souvenirs from Japan

Every time we came back from our holiday in Japan, I don't need to buy any pocket tissue for months (and I'm not exaggerating!) Love those free tissues.

Other than these tissues, we came back with lots of other free stuff. I remember in 2002, I got quite a number of Tsubaki shampoo & conditioner samples (I make sure I went by the girls distributing the samples a few times that time in Shibuya - kiasu mah), and I love them so much I made a point of looking & buying those Tsubaki Shampoo on our subsequent trips.

Last year's bounty comprised of :
Facial masks
Facial toners
and of course free soaps and box of matches from the hotel. No taking home hotel towels for us!

Next year I'm hoping to get more as Contamination of jDonuts did say he'll keep some for me.

One more great souvenir for us, the stamps at train stations. Zaini remarked that he will need to buy a special book to collect all the train stations' stamps. It was rather fun arriving at a station and searching for the stamps.


  1. Now that is nice... even if it's tissue or shampoo, a free item is always a wonderful thing to have. I love samples, too!

  2. @Jenn,
    anything free is always nice. :-)

  3. Hi Lina! I m back....with a slight tan on my face..dats about it due to the long hours of photoshooting!

    I am a great user of tissues so freebies of these would be really great!

  4. @my bug life,
    You're back! Cool! Hope to see some amazing photos at your blog. :-)

    Yeah, how come no company gives out free tissues here? Oh wait! Digi gave out some last time, but that was it for me. (Maybe because I didn't go out much)


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