Friday, 25 July 2008

I Survived J-Card Members' Day

Phew! It was a madhouse in Jusco. I thought of arriving early to office yesterday and do some early morning shopping, but alas! Got stuck in traffic jam, it was a one hour ride to the office instead of the usual 30 minutes.

Quite happy with our bounty. Did the shopping in 3 batches since I didn't take the day off. Early morning - did my round at the Supermarket. Lunch hour - personal shopping and After work - Zaini and Raimie tagged along for household item shopping.

I got myself a new pair of shoes (yeay!), Raimie got a new pair of pants and a few Miki shirts that was on 70% discount (but we forgot to buy some new underwear for him), a few plates and teapot (don't know why I keep buying teapots) and a set of comforter and bedsheets that was also on 70% discount. Oh, got a couple of new pillows too! Because Raimie was so co-operative, we bought him the Tigadark that he requested.

All in all, just RM400++ spent. Not bad and we get to redeem Jusco vouchers afterwards for both our Jusco card and credit cards. For Jusco card, it was RM10 voucher for every RM100 spent and for its credit card RM5 for every RM150. All those vouchers we got can be spent wisely afterwards. :-)


  1. Lina were you at the MidValley Jusco? It was a huge major jam-up last nite when I was there to catch a movie. I have never seen such traffic on a weekday! Thankfully, my movie lasted till after 10pm and the roads out were cleared by then.

    Great that you did your shopping in batches.

  2. @my bug life,
    you were here yesterday?
    What movie did you watch? I'm pretty lucky that I can do my shopping in batches since I work in a shopping mall. :-)

  3. I watched Journey To The Centre Of The Earth..which was not that great! Just something to while one's time away. I am waiting for Wall-E :)

  4. Oh lina you are too much. I love your shopping stories. They let me shop vicariously through you, and I miss JusCo.

  5. @my bug life,
    I'm waiting for Wall-E too. :-)


  6. @Melanie,
    shopping is always fun for me. :-)

  7. Wow, hope that you didn't get too carried away with the shopping frenzy. lol.

    Guys, you should really watch Wall-e. I'll be catching Batman tonight, if I can get the tickets that is.


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