Monday, 14 July 2008

Japanese Electronic Toilets

A continuation of previous posts on toilets in Japan, modern and traditional.

With a myriad of buttons to press while sitting on a warm Japanese toilet, I simply can't resist fiddling with all the buttons.

Anyone who wants a Japanese toilet experience while in KL can check out Ninja Jones Izakaya's toilet! I had a friend who was not sure how to flush there! Hahaha


  1. I've even been to a toilet cubicle that plays music! ^^; At least you'll be less conscious about the sound excretion makes. ^^;

    I hope we could be ECbuddies. ^^;

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  2. @Elliot,
    I find the noise (whatever they were but usually of flushing / running water) a bit disconcerting. :p

  3. Oh wow this is something exciting to try out...but I can't get past sitting on public toilets.

    Thanks Lina. Catch up after my return from holidays!

  4. I have this kind of toilet in my house. I am very picky when it comes to toilet. Tak boleh la dirty toilet or squatting toilet. Kalau jln jauh2 ke mesti kena carik hotel. hehehe
    I am thinking to bring my electric toilet back home nnt. N also I am so glad dah ada toilet camni kat Msia walaupun kat satu kedai.

  5. @Farah,
    lucky you. :-)
    Ada ke kat Malaysia? Which shop eh? Agak-agak got Japanese style bath tub also tak? We've been trying to look for a deep bath tub, takmo western style long bath tub. Kalau dpt beli, beshnya nak berendam. :P

  6. not so sure ada jual ke tak kat msia. tp should be ada sbb TOTO jp buka company kat mesia. Nama plak TOTO Washlet (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. Tryla tanye company ni.
    About bathtub jpn ni, i tak tau la ada jual kat mesia ke tak tp brg2 camtu mcm ada je buat kat mesia...
    I pun suke gak jpnese bathtub sbb ianya plastic, ringan dan kalu mandi ngan anak, rebah jatuh terguling pun kepala tak sakit. hehehe

  7. Satu lagi, toilet kat Jepun ni masuk free, tapi bersih kan...Tak pernah jumpa toilet yg basah dgn air or tisu bersepah2.
    Paling suka masuk toilet utk OKU atau for kids.Besar & selesa!!!

  8. @Su,
    itulah, toilet free tapi terjaga. Toilet kita banyak yg berbayar tapi hancing!
    Suka juga pada toilet OKU/children. Pernah masuk sekali sebab Raimie pun nak buang air, besarnya! Kat sini, Jusco ada toilet tu... masa pregnant dulu selalu guna. :-)

  9. Going to the toilet has become a bit complicated these days...

  10. @juk14,
    I am just grateful that we don' need to go to our backyard to do the job!

  11. What I really appreciate is the warmed seat in winter. Otherwise it's freezing cold to answer nature's call.


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