Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Jusco Mid Valley J Card Members' Day

Err.... this should serve as a public service announcement of some sort. :D

J Card Members' Day at Mid Valley branch is on Jul 24, 2008. Store open from 7.00 am till midnight.

You guys know that the traffic jam heading to Mid Valley will be horrendous, right? So, those who wants to shop till they drop should come VERY early and spend the WHOLE day there. (And also those who will driving through Federal Highway should take note because it is highly likely you will be affected that day).

Advise your friends, suppliers, office mates to avoid coming late (last year, the traffic jam starts early at 8.00 am with colleagues coming in late with horror stories of not being able to find parking, otherwise they'll spend two hours finding parking spot).

Other than that, enjoy being crammed inside Jusco with all those Ah Sohs. Me, I think I am going to take a day off and plant myself inside the store, just for the fun of it. :-)

What's on sale? At the supermarket, look out for Milo, 100 Plus, Knife Cooking Oil, Maggi Instant Noodle, Mamy Poko Diapers and Dynamo liquid detergent. Elsewhere, discounts up to 70%. I know one place Zaini won't join me when shopping - the undies area. He's only interested to help out choose before we were married. Hehehe


  1. itu baru menyahut seruan kerajaan...rakyat kena ubah sikap...(membeli bila murah)...hahaha

  2. @Nash,
    kalau betul beli barang keperluan yg murah takpe, ini kang, rambang mata sebab nak borong barang murah tu yg susah! :D

  3. Eh... I feel really awkward when Wife is in the undergarments department. Really, I cannot never imagine how guys can hang around their gf/wives while they go through the wares...

    Oh, don't remind me about Mid Valley... I was just passing through there (not even going in) and was stuck in a jam that nearly caused me to miss my bus back to Singapore...

  4. @C K,
    I think most men agree with you. :D

    Yeah, the traffic jam leading to Mid Valley can be a nightmare! Espcially if there is an event there - seems like all roads leading to KL will be jammed!

  5. tak tau la point Jusco kat Malaysia..dah abis agaknya... rindu nak membeli baju baby di Jusco sbb kalau sale mmg murah


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