Sunday, 13 July 2008

Kamikatsu-cho Zero Waste Program

An admirable effort. But 34 different categories of trash? I need to bring a list every time I put my trash out! Nine different bins in UK seem pale in comparison.

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Heck, even DAP Malaysia talked about this town in 2003.


  1. After watching and listening to the video, I noticed that they mentioned there were 34 categories of trash, not 44 as your description currently reads. Nevertheless, this is an unusually large number of categories, and it seems like sorting out all of that rubbish would eventually become rather tedious.

    A better alternative would be to use a plasma gasification system similar to the one currently in use by the Plasco Energy Group. This process converts and recycles the garbage into usable products (including electricity) all at once without the need for people to sort it into separate components beforehand.

  2. Hey, thanks for the link! But for some obscure reason, I am unable to view your clip, not sure why.


  3. @karl erfurt,
    I've amended the amount of categories. Thanks.
    I know I'll be put off if the sorting becomes too tedious.

    You can't view the clip? hmmm...

  4. terpaksa pindah ke pls change the link...


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