Thursday, 3 July 2008

Lunch at Ryo Zan Tei, Bukit Tinggi

Check out our Japanese Garden photos too.

After spending the morning part playing at the Rabbit Park last Saturday, walking around the Botanic Park and a nice (but not quiet) stroll in the Japanese Garden, we decided to have lunch at Ryo Zan Tei Restaurant.

Before coming to Bukit Tinggi, we envisioned the restaurant to be somewhat posh and classy but this restaurant is actually quite laid back with simple decorations.

The price was quite reasonable, considering this restaurant is perched on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Our Salmon set and Saba set only set us back RM80.50. (Green tea price is a bit steep at RM5.75 per glass though).

Service can be a tad slow, and my Saba fish was not piping hot when it arrived, but overall we were pretty satisfied since the portion were quite reasonably sized.


  1. Hi ! Ini Kak Lina yang hari tu datang Tokyo singgah umah Kak Aini Zakri ke? I was supposed to be there tapi tak datang...hai laa..rugi kalau tak boleh kenal ! i saw some of your comments in blogs i always surf e.g Kak Azra, HE,Abg Nash, Kak Aini,Kak Umie,Nad and Kak Hani...Salam Kenal !

  2. @Sam,
    Sam ni Samjap ke? Ada melawat your FP beberapa kali, tapi tak pernah tinggal komen.

    Salam kenal juga. :-)

  3. ye saya, samjap...selalu baca komen u kat kak umie's (dok borak ngan kirah yang i tak sure kenai ke idak)...lainkali singgahlah kasi komen..sam ngandung sekarang ni dah 3 months..akan join nad,k.umie,kak zah yang preggie..

  4. I remembered visiting the Japanese garden and we had wanted to try out this restaurant but we ended up eating the foot of Bukit Tinggi instead.

  5. @my bug life,
    there are more options at Kg Bukit Tinggi. You ate there, I suppose?

  6. rm 80 = 3000 yen...mmm but considering the place, reasonable kot...

  7. @Nash,
    reasonable to us sebab makan Jepun in Malaysia (hatta di KL pun) bukanlah murah. Kat Sushi King pun 1 bowl unadon dah RM19.90. Ramen pun dah RM15.90. Nak wat camne - makan impot. :D

  8. Yea lina..there are a couple of restaurants there. We had good steamed fish and other dishes..all in very reasonable price compared to what we pay in the city.

    On the way home from the orang asli community recently, I had my dinner at Bukit Tinggi.

  9. hihi...kak lina, thanks for the comment..うれしかった!

  10. hello..ryo zan tei restaurant very superb...
    so expensive but service very good..
    staff like chef kar..nazri and shafik very cheerful..


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