Friday, 18 July 2008

Monkey In Need Of Diet

The cost of modernisation. Not only us human getting more and more obese, monkeys getting fatter too! Looking at the monkeys somehow motivates me to get my butt off the couch! Time for a workout! I don't want to look that flabby! Eeeewww!!!


  1. Are those monkeys obese? It looks as if they've got the equivalent of kidney stones!

    To think that I just had a huge serving of nasi lemak (oh yeah, my wife cooked me some...)

  2. @CK,
    wah, ate home cooked Nasi Lemak eh? Can I have some? :D
    Time to burn off all that calories!

  3. @lina,
    Ok, will beam some over... do you smell it already? Hold on, the rest is on the way!

  4. Have you ever been to that monkey hot spring in Nagano-ken? It's called Ji-something. It's so cool, but those monkeys are getting pretty fat too. They just sit around all day and take baths.

  5. @Todd,
    at Jigokudani right? Hmmm... I would've thought dipping in a hot bath helps stimulate your blood and assist in some kind of weight loss. Shows how little I know. :D


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