Sunday, 20 July 2008

Stamping Away in Japan

I posted about those cool ink stamps that you can go around and collect in Japan (people back home would call them a "chop") earlier. We had fun looking for and stamping at every place we visited. Stamps and stamp pads are ubiquitous in Japan -- at sights, train stations, cinemas (promoting current animes) and some restaurants (and at Ultramanland too!).

Some places like Fuji TV even offer you a prize for collecting all stamps scattered around and we got a very cute postcard for each fully stamped paper. At TEPCO (in 2006) we got three cute measuring tapes for our effort. At the Transportation Museum, we got some very nice trains stickers and plastic folders. Cool, eh?

I think it is a way to motivate visitors to walk around and explore the whole place.

Our first ever stamping foray in Japan was at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, in 2002. At that time, it was just a case of monkey see, monkey do. We saw a horde of Japanese people crowding around this one table, so we decided to poke our head and join the crowd. The damage : 1,000 yen for postcards. Stamp : free

A couple of stamps at train stations

Ueno Station's stamps not Ueno Zoo (sorry!)

Partially collected Mojiko Retro stamps. As you can see, we didn't visit all the sights there


  1. cool stamps! if these are for motivation, i'm definitely motivated!

  2. I like the train station stamps! Very cool.

  3. I remember watching a Lonely Planet episode ten years ago and the host said that the one thing he loved about his job aside from the experience of seeing places are the stamps on his passport. =)

    Here in the Philippines, stamps aren't really used, but I do love keeping the tickets I collected in visiting some places.

  4. @prinsesamusang,
    true, :-)

    @my bug life,

    nice to have all sort of stamps in your passport.
    I also kept tickets to all sights that I went to!

  5. hehehe...cute kan all the stamps... jepun nih memang creative kalau bab2 nak bagi buat kenangan

  6. @Hanny,
    true. Memang banyak benda yg diaorg buat for tourists (esp for their local tourists) to keep as souvenirs. Benda-benda kecik mcm ni, ramai yg appreciate. bukan takat pegi gift shop and beli mug & t-shirt 1 sorang.
    Teringin nak singgah Mojiko lagi...

  7. baru2 ni masa pi ueno zoo...anak2 sibuk mencari cop...di monorel dlm zoo...rupa2nya...cop tu berubah ikut adalah 2 jenis cop yg berbeza...(winter n summer)...

  8. @Nash,
    ooo... mcm tu, kenalah cari winter punya. I think mine was Summer. :-)

  9. These are great. I've collected a few, but my dad was mad about them when he was here. He got himself a book and busily stamped away where ever he went.

    We also found that many of the temples have collectable calligraphy. It costs a little, but is gorgeous. We have a few and will continue to get more while we're here.

  10. @Melanie,
    we should get ourselves a book (or two) too!
    Haven't started on those temples calligraphy since we are not big on visits to temple. But never say never! :-)


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