Friday, 29 August 2008

Another Trip to Yuzu Restaurant

Decided to have another go at Yuzu Restaurant, after having a talk with the restaurant manager. This time around, it was for lunch, and I brought 40 people along. Heh! Lucky it was not me who had to foot the bill.

Currently at Yuzu, there is a promotion for their bento set, and it is quite affordable. Priced between RM19.90 to RM25.00, there are choices of mini donburis that comes with either hot/cold soba/udon and accompanied with chawan mushi, miso soup and salad and there are also two types of sushi bento set.

Remember my previous visit where nobody refilled my tea? The wait staff certainly redeemed themselves this time around. I guess they work better with big crowd (or with the manager watching over like a hawk!).


  1. Ohhh... That looks really yummy. Makes me want sushi for dinner.

  2. It's only mid morning but you've already tempted me with the photos..esp the #2 and last favourites. I just love raw salmon with rice and macha!

  3. @Sara,
    did you have sushi for dinner? :D

    we have the same taste! Yummy salmon (I like salmon more than tuna). :-)
    that Macha parfait was really nice too.

  4. Better service this time? Either it is the big crowd or the manager read your blog! Ha ha!

  5. If I were to bring a group of forty people in a restaurant, I would be expected to be treated like a king! Er... maybe not, but at least being offered a VIP card or something like that.

    Well, hope that the person paying feels pampered as well.

  6. @C K,
    when I bring 40 people out, I tend to treat the restaurant like my own place! (since I always act as the host). Well, almost but I stop short of entering their kitchen!
    Give me discounts and I'll be happy as a bird. :-)

  7. @foongpc,
    or maybe both! :D

  8. Cute nyer dia atur sushi dalam plate...Mmg ada Japanese chef ke kat yuzu Restaurant?

  9. @Su,
    tak tahulah chef dia Japanese ke tak. Hehehe


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